About the Artist 2014

My name is Eric Henshall and my cat is Swivel.

I am a Melbourne-based artist.

I have been painting full-time since 2002, though of course I've been painting and making arty-things since I was a babe in swaddling-clothes.

I have been, on the side lines, working on an old-fashioned point-and-click adventure game for the PC over the past three years (egads!).  The first part is very, very nearly finished.  It has been a steep learning curve as it has involved - besides all the painting and animating - learning the rudiments of coding, but once finished one will be able to walk around animated versions of my paintings.

I make my own clothes, as I have a penchant for waistcoats and very high waitlines.

I've never really grown out of my nerdy youth and more often than I should really confess, I can be found throwing handfuls of strangely shaped dice around and pretending to slay dragons.

I still like to dance and I have not spun anybody off a balcony in quite a few years now.

Painting is fun!


ERIC HENSHALL, late (very late) 2014.